Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dead Solid Golf Simulator

Improve your golf game in the comfort of your own home with your very own golf simulator!

You can ignore the light streak in the top center of the screen.  There is a window behind the simulator and the sun was directly back there and it wasn't completely covered, so this is just sunlight bleeding through.

Check out the video below for the simulator in action.

And here are more pictures.

This unit is probably around 12-14 years old, but is working great.  These are still supported by DSG, but there is a significant upgrade available to the computer and software, which is a totally new computer to run their newest software.  Right now it's an older Mac running OS9, and I do have a complete spare working Mac for it.  I also have a complete spare sensor board.  Both sensor boards were refurbished by DSG.  At one time this unit was in a golf shop, and I assume they had a spare sensor board to avoid any chance of downtime.  I bought the spare Mac when I first got this unit several years ago as those Macs were drying up but were pretty cheap (and this was before the software was updated and required a newer Mac).  I believe the upgrade to the newer stuff is around $7500, so it's not cheap.  But what you see here works and works well.

It's also still completely setup and can be seen and tested, which is rare for one of these for sale.  When I bought it not only was it not setup, but they do NOT come with setup instructions!  I assumed I could get that from DSG but was disappointed to find that they normally include setup for the customer as these units are around $40,000+ new and there are NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.  That said, I was able to figure it out without too much difficulty, and a buyer could certainly be the one to disassemble themselves so that it was easier (and you can take pictures as you go).  Alternatively, if I disassemble for you, I will do my best to document how it goes with pictures, too.  It's really not that bad.

It does come with setup documentation for the software and cabling, and I have some spare cables and miscellaneous parts.  The projector does have other available inputs and could be used as a monitor for another computer or television system (so if you have room you could put exercise gear behind it and the unit could double as a big-screen TV for your treadmill, etc.

As you can see by clicking here, Dead Solid Golf still makes and supports these.  Other than the computer and software, I don't think they've changed very much.  You get great analysis of what you're doing with your swing, and you can improve your golf game immensely.

You need a BIG room for this.  DSG says 23' deep, 13' wide, and 10' high.  This measures right at 9'6", though, so as long as you have more than 9'6" I think it will work.  Please, do not contact me about it until you've MEASURED to be sure you can use it.  Don't just assume "oh that space is probably big enough."  If you think it's close, it's probably NOT big enough.  These things are pretty huge, and they have to be to support having enough room to swing a driver from the left or right sides.

It's located just outside of Chapel Hill, NC.  I'm asking $3,500 for it if the buyer disassembles and removes themselves (basic hand tools and a ladder is all you need).  If you need me to disassemble and, *gasp*, ship this thing, then we'll have to talk about how to make that happen.  It will cost a bit extra, but it will be reasonable.  You can email me at and I can give you a phone number that way if you need to talk about it outside of email.  I do NOT recommend shipping this, however.